Lindsey + Colin | Anderson, Indiana

I try really hard not to be biased but Lindsey + Colin are one of my favorite couples. They're young, but so incredibly independent and driven that you tend to forget that fact. Lindsey herself is a photographer, and a talented one at that. She's slowly been growing her business in the wedding industry and has made quite a name for herself.  Just recently, she even launched a clothing boutique called Wisteria & Rome! Is there anything this girl can't do? Colin and Lindsey also just bought their first home together so when they're not busy with their day jobs they've been working on that as well. And, with all of that going on they found the time to plan a wedding, whew! As high school sweethearts they always knew marriage was in the cards but they decided to take their time and get married on their own terms. That decision paid off because on the most beautiful October afternoon that moment finally came. They got married at the Crystal Coop in Anderson which is just the right amount of shabby chic and rustic elegance. With their close friends and family watching Lindsey and Colin recited their vows under the late Autumn sunshine and promised to love and honor each other for the rest of their lives. Everything was sealed with a kiss and then the bride and groom were whisked away for an HOUR of bridal portraits with me & Heidi. Yes, an HOUR. I told you they were the best! Lindsey even tromped through the woods in her heels to get a shot I was wanting. Real life hero! ;)  We had such an incredible time documenting your big day, thank you so much for trusting us! Wishing you a lifetime of love together, Mr. & Mrs. Ringle!

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