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Pekaboo + Josh | Springfield, Illinois

Oh my goodness, this was such a special wedding! Pekaboo + Josh have been married for several years but because of their time serving in the military never got around to celebrating their marriage. Well, this October was finally that time! They decided to plan a vow renewal and went allllll out; the wedding gown, the first dances and most importantly all of their friends and family. But, what made this day even more special was that Pekaboo had just recently found out she was pregnant! When she e-mailed me to tell me I could barely contain my excitement. She explained that she wanted to surprise Josh with the sex of the baby during their First Look and I was instantly a puddle. I was looking forward to that moment all day and when it finally came it was so worth the wait. Josh broke down in tears when he realized what Pekaboo was getting ready to reveal and it's about the the sweetest, most emotional set of photos I've taken all year. His reaction when he found out that they were having a boy was absolutely precious, his face just says it all. After their First Look, we photographed the bridal party photos and then surprised the whole family with the baby's gender. It was such a joyful day, I can't begin to express how grateful I am that we were asked to document it. Heidi and I wish you both so much love and happiness and we can't WAIT to see photos of that baby boy when he arrives. Congrautlations, Mr. & Mrs. Winkler!