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Hello! I'm Cara

Listen, I know being in front of the camera can feel awkward and nerve racking but we ALL want those sweet images of life's most sacred moments to look back on. I'm here to be your friend; to chat about what shows you're binging, lament those challenging toddler years, or grab you a tissue before you walk down the aisle. I'll make you laugh and put you at ease with my dry, self deprecating humor and you'll forget I'm even holding a camera. Well, maybe not but you'll at least trust the person behind it. With over 15  years of experience I know all of the tricks to coax those amazing magazine worthy images out of you. And, in between all of that we'll also document all of the silly, nose-picking, belly-laugh kinda moments too. If this sounds like your jam head over to the Contact page and hit me up.


Things I love in no particular order:


A perfectly winged eyeliner

The Carolina coast

A good plot twist

Rainy afternoons


Newborns stretching


Exploring a new city

Cajun food

Clients turned friends

Images by & Violet Short

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